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Campaign History
The Age of Man ended nearly a millennium ago; and with it the great empires and their mighty magics that held the world together. Disasters, natural and magical, swept the land destroying the cities and works of wonder from ages past. In their wake came the Dark Lords, scions of some malevolent force previously unknown to this world. For hundreds of years the world lived in the shadow of fear, whole nations of slaves, living in squalor and poverty. But all things wax and wane; heroes arose from the masses and began the Crusade of Cleansing, a war that spanned the globe and dragged on for decades.

In the end the Dark Lords were put to the sword and their secrets vaults of forbidden knowledge laid bare. While a good deal of this knowledge has not percolated through the hundreds of years to us we do know that the Dark Lords can be thanked for re-discovering many of the greatest secrets of the Age of Man. History’s greatest tyrants are the only reason that any of us exist today; fate and irony might well be twins.

Since their fall humanity has dwindled somewhat, but the survivors refuse to be forgotten or extinguished. Humans are no longer the dominant species, but they can be found nearly everywhere, in their own societies or inundating that of the other civilized peoples. The human spirit, or perhaps their obsession with avoiding death, has made them one of the most active races in the world today. Human and Dwarven societies have become closely tied, forming the backbone of modern civilization. The Faceless, Fey, Picts, and Shades are less common, but known in most all lands and move freely though society. Shades and Picts often form small, sub-communities, within or without a Human/Dwarven settlement while Fey and Faceless operate most often as individuals.

Our setting, is the Kingdom of Sylvestia, a land of verdant forests and mountains. Predominately populated by dwarves with a heavy mix of human and picti. To the north, across the inland-sea, lies Quequek (Ke-quek). Peopled mostly by humans and shades who speak their own, foreign tongue (also called Quequek). To the east is Oceanus, the great waters. Legend from the time of the Dark Lords tells of other lands across the waters, but those who sail to the east find only empty sea and their own doom. The wilds to the south are densely populated by all manner of fantastic beasts and monsters. Scattered tribes of barbarians, some human and some bestial, scratch out a living in these harsh lands. West of the mountains and past the last remote settlements governed by Sylvestia the forest grows thicker and ever wilder. Called the Fairywood, this section of woodland resonates with deep magic. Some stories tell of a large Pictish “city” nestled in the heart of the Firywood, and at the heart of the city is another, Mithrendain the city of the Fey and gateway to Fairy itself.

Adventures in Sylvestia

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